Sunflower and Ivy is a ‘little hub’ of art therapy, it is somewhere I pour my passion for making art therapy accessible for both the experienced and the skeptical and especially for little hands and big hearts. I love that art gets messy, imperfect and challenging that it can be a sanctuary, a glimmer of hope and a chaotic carnival of emotion all at once. Art has the potential to teach us all a little something and can nurture a huge host of skills in children and adults from problem solving and managing failure to self belief and lateral thinking (and of course the fine-motor skills! ALL the fine motor skills).

My personal story begins on the beautiful Great Southern coast of Western Australia. I was blessed with a childhood in the country and spent many a happy school holiday between beach picnics, backyard games and masterminding creative projects with my siblings.  My adulthood took me to Perth, then to Melbourne and back again. I mixed up studying visual arts with community work and then I delved into a master of art therapy degree. A full time stint in the pointy end of child trauma work and some part-time roles later and I landed here. This little sunny spot that evolves each year. In 2020 I opened a dedicated studio space, adding more to Sunflower and Ivy’s  class and workshop calendar as well as creating a nurturing space for art therapy sessions. For those who can’t join in person, my Instagram is also full of inspiration and activities to try.

With a side obsession of scones and tea, gardening shows and puppies, there is no denying I am a sensitive soul (who also craves a good sleep-in most day’s), but I also have a fiery heart and strong drive to do things a little different. Pushing towards the happy medium of waste-less, make more; Sunflower and Ivy inspires participants to look at how art can be made with less plastic, less toxicity whilst feel just as bright, colourful and magical.

If you’re keen to read more, head over to the blog. This post is my most read post and gives you the low down on art therapy. If your local to Perth, go and check out the workshops here! If they are booked out, sign-up to our e-mail list. You will be the first to know about the next release. More information on individualised art therapy can be found on the FAQ page or by contacting me.

-Liana Berry
BContempArts, MA(Ath), LaTrobe, AThR