Art Therapy

Art Therapy combines traditional counseling techniques with exploratory materials and creative tools to provide cathartic release, symbolic and emotional expression and insight into communicative and interpersonal patterns. It can be especially useful if verbal communication and articulation is difficult or inhibited.

Our art therapy services fall under three categories


Offering “entry level” art therapy through a studio based setting our workshops are held in a variety of locations around Perth. More art and a little therapy means that these workshops are fun and playful while remaining meaningful. Each workshop is centered around a particular theme and are perfect for one-off attendance and for those looking to try something different.  Anyone can attend and tickets are booked through the online shop.

Small Group

Small Group programs are designed for people who share a particular condition, experience or concern. Examples include post natal or bereavement groups and groups for children with chronic illness, ADHD, anxiety, eating disorders or social difficulties.  Small groups are usually run over a short course (i.e. they are more than one session) and can be requested and tailored to community or school groups.


Sunflower and Ivy provides art psychotherapy for individuals and families. Sessions are tailored to the individual’s therapeutic needs and goals. Sessions typically begin from $85. An initial consult to discuss presenting concerns, fees and any questions you may have is free.

Sunflower and Ivy specialises in working with children, adolescents and families with a range of issues and concerns including chronic illness and pain, poor self-esteem and bullying, sleep disruption, behavioral issues, anxiety, bereavement and trauma. Self-esteem, emotional resilience and anxiety reduction are frequent focuses of our work. All therapists working for Sunflower and Ivy have a minimum post-graduate qualification in creative therapy and are fully registered with ANZACATA.