Family Art Session


Looking for a unique way to connect as a family? Perhaps you want to celebrate, reconnect or maybe you want to carve a special memory during a tough time? Our family art sessions are 1.5 hours in length. We provide all the materials, clean-up and ideas, you just bring the family! Choose from a range of activities and goals for your session; from board-game design to giant abstract murals!





Product Description

We get it. Family time can be tricky, finding something that suits your crew and supports communication and connection is no small feat. Our Perth family art sessions offer a safe and nurturing environment to be playful and creative together. No art experience necessary!

Family sessions start at $240 for 4 people.

Time: 1.5 hours

From all adult families, two parents and several children to grandparents and grandchildren, friend families and even housemates. We apply the term family lightly and liberally. All versions of family are welcome in the studio.

For available dates and times  please contact Sunflower and Ivy prior to purchasing your session. This will allow us to confirm a date and discuss your theme. Please book ahead to avoid disappointment as the studio gets busy.

Art themes are our jam. Here are our top three family art session activities. For more options or to discuss your own ideas, please get in touch.

Abstract Mural Magic:

The most popular family session theme, the hours will zoom by as you drip, pour, paste, paint, smudge and form a large scale abstract artwork. Together of-course! Communication, decision making and brainstorming won’t go astray as your supported by the facilitator to bring each family members unique zing to the work. Finishing with a special family masterpiece that many like to hang proudly in their living space!

Mastermind Board-game Production 

Got a family of thinkers and mischievous players? Use your family session to dive into some construction-based art and create your own board game. Everyone will have to work together with many a choice to make from scale and design choices to rule variation, kingdom creation and character building. After an action packed 2 hours you can take your game home for further family time  (game on!)

Illustrious Interaction 

If your pretty keen to use art-making as a mean to improve family communication and connection, then this theme will suit you. Less outcome focused, the facilitator will lead your family through a range of interactive art making games and prompts. There will be laughter, yelps of surprise and a whole lot of discovery. Carefully tailored towards shy art-makers and families who are recovering from periods of disconnection or heartache. The emphasis is on playful art making.


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