Class Types

Join us to create, connect and nurture!

Specializing in art workshops and groups, our events are small and intimate. Good things come in small packages after all! We welcome children and teens (and sometimes adults too) to collect, re-purpose, potion, squish, press, tinker, colour, scribble, splash and giggle some magic.

Here are the types of art classes, workshops and art therapy offered here at Sunflower and Ivy. You can find the term timetable here.

Process Art

Ready for an adventure? This kind of art is ALL about the process. Process art encourages play, experimentation and adventure. It is an opportunity to relish a sensory experience and is a raw and organic kind of therapy.

Emotional Resilience Workshops

Where art and and therapy collide, emotional resilience art workshops carve a territory of their own. Each workshop introduces an emotional topic to explore. From Fear, anxiety and joy to hope, sadness, fairies, superheroes, monsters and mythical creatures our programs have something for every child (or adult) to explore and learn.

Private Groups

From the serious to the playful, Sunflower and Ivy can facilitate private therapeutic groups, a series of art workshops or a home-school class. Perfect for friends, kindred spirits or support groups. We occasionally offer specialised groups to the public.

Artist Classes and Workshops

Keen to learn from the Masters? Sunflower and Ivy offers term classes and adult workshops that focus on the masters of art. Each class or art-workshop draws inspiration from a well-known artist. But there’s no selling out, these offerings are still structured with our unique and gently approach to art-making.You won’t be leaving with a replica, but your own unique artwork and a full heart.

Individual Art Therapy  

Traditional, nurturing and client centred. Individual art therapy focuses on your goals utilising various art and counselling techniques. Sunflower and Ivy specialises in paediatric art therapy and has a particular interest in chronic illness, anxiety and disability. Contact us for more information. Session rates are $156 per hour.

Do you have a big heart, a curious spark? We would love to meet you at one of our workshops.

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