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How the Heart and Brain Help us Heal

Understanding the relay race of our body and brain can help us understand eclectic processes of healing and direct us how to choose the type of therapy we need.

There is an amazing comic illustrator The Awkward Yeti who has designed human organs into characters and I must admit I find endless entertainment through the accuracy of their dialogue, particularly the characters Heart and Brain (find them here). While not entirely surprising, the subject of our biological organs is relevant to the way we psychologically heal. By understanding the process of healing and information processing through our biological mechanisms we can gain a better understanding of how eclectic approaches to therapy can work and where art therapy may fit. Rest assured if you’re not a human biology master, you’ll be fine to read on. This blog would cause a neurologist to cringe at my over-simplification and generous metaphors. Still, I think you’ll get the point and who doesn’t love a little metaphor!

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The New Year and a Memory Jar

Hello 2018! It is nice to meet you.

This time of year I must admit is a bit of a mixed bag for me and probably, in reality, it is the same for most people. It is a time filled with hope, anticipation and gritty determination. And depending on the state of your previous year the new one can be met with anything from welcome to relief to trepidation. Last year was a personally tough one for me so I was happy to see the New Year in and say goodbye to 2017. I am a dreamer and love that in January the whole year stretches ahead with stoic potential. While some are relieved the festivities are over by mid-month, that the loneliness or stress of an empty or chaotic Christmas is tucked neatly behind them, I am always fortunate enough to be a little sad. I travel to my hometown for Christmas each year and I always find it hard to swallow the inevitable ‘goodbye till next time’ when I leave. 10 years on and I find the town and the coastline still has my heart as do my dear family members that still live there. The aqua waters, white sand, lazy sleep ins and family board games have been replaced with the urban sprawl and oven like temperatures of Perth. So as I settle back in to city life, I Continue reading The New Year and a Memory Jar

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Ultimate Play Dough

If your a regular reader of this blog you will find that I love nothing more than to discuss the serious and at times messy topics of art therapy and mental health.
But I have decided to start a regular addition to my posts in the form of a creative activity. I’ll annotate activities, recipes and ideas with emotion related titbits and variations. I am hoping these activities offer something practical for parents, caregivers and anyone who spends a lot of time with children. Creative activities for children help them develop fine motor skills, sequencing and problem solving abilities and encourage development in imagination, sensory processing and confidence. The playful, fun and creative aspects of childhood are often the most essential to development. So without further rambling, my first activity to share is a classic- Play dough!

Play dough

While I had grand plans to test a whole range of play-dough recipes and then tweak them until I had the ultimate recipe, I was in fact saved by The Imagination Tree. Anna’s  award winning blog is all round amazing and I definitely recommend it as a resource. I love this recipe in particular because it is no-cook, soft and lasts a long time (like months and months). It is the only one I use. I usually keep play dough in ziplock bags to keep it fresh, but you could use an airtight container. I have used the recipe without glycerine and it is still is the best recipe!

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Little Worrier: How Children Express Worry and Anxiety

It took a little Instagram square to get me thinking about the difference between worry and anxiety. I was taking a photograph of a worry doll to caption with ideas on how children can express worries and I started reflecting on some recent conversations about the maze of diagnosis and treatment options for children’s mental health concerns; in particular anxiety in children. The subject matter is too much for one blog post but I thought I would collate a few thoughts on the topic and share a few strategies to help children express worry and anxiety. Continue reading Little Worrier: How Children Express Worry and Anxiety

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Does Art Really Heal?

Can art heal? My answer to one of art therapy’s biggest questions, flavoured with coconut water

As an art therapist I come across a whole range of claims, phrases and titles to do with my profession.  Sometimes I roll my eyes, sigh in frustration or giggle at bold promises. It is not that I am being disrespectful of other professionals it’s just that, well; it can be of a minefield in marketing at the best of times and it becomes even more so with things like art therapy. Why? Because art therapy is still a young practice in Australia and yet to gain mainstream familiarity. This ultimately means marketing has more weight because professionals aren’t only trying to advertise their brand or service but educate people about the profession as well. And the interesting thing is that marketing can influence how we answer questions before we have even had an experience. I find myself writing this article, an odd combination of art therapy and marketing to explore how people might be shaped to have an opinion of art therapy before they have even tried it. By considering how people consume something new we can begin to look at the answer to the question i hear a lot; does art really heal?

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A Companion to Loneliness

Loneliness is something we all feel at some point in our lives. Of course we all employ many techniques to drown it out; from jam packed social calendars, television marathons and social media updates to over drinking, eating or exercising. It is easy to get trapped in cycles of self-criticism and fruitless goals of perfectionism to drown out the pangs of loneliness. If only we were different: more pretty or handsome, smarter, successful, popular, wealthy or lucky then we would feel less lonely. But the truth is that loneliness comes with the territory, that is, it is part of the human condition.

While I may be able to speak candidly about the topic, I am far from exempt from the aversion commonly felt towards loneliness. Born as one of triplets, being alone was a foreign experience for me for a long time. I shared my mother’s womb with my two sisters, shared a room with either one of them my entire childhood and positioned myself in life to be around people I felt content with. Consequently I have never managed well alone. That is not to say that I can’t do things independently and alone, it is just that I feel my most comfortable and safe with someone I know in contactable proximity. For me being alone and lonely are closely intertwined but they are in fact different experiences. It is very possible to be alone and not lonely and to also be in company and feel lonely. Continue reading A Companion to Loneliness

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Anxiety, Sausage Dogs and an Interview with Little Wuppy®

On a wintery day in Perth I am planning the next steps and dreams of Sunflower and Ivy, including some steps into the world of children’s gifts and emotional resilience. It’s been a long term plan of mine to steer a little part of the Sunflower and Ivy store into the world of children, after all it’s my area of expertise and passion when it comes to my art therapy practice. It seems fitting then that today, as I am mapping out these plans, I am

also publishing an interview with the lovely Linda from little wuppy®. Linda has created the perfect little plush friend for children feeling vulnerable, worried or struggling with anxiety. But I’ll let her tell you more about it.

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Self Care Is Not a Trend

It seems that self care is a catch phrase in current popular culture and a rather ambiguous term. Lumped along with a whole variety of nouns such as clean eating, low-toxic and mindful it can seem a bit trendy and woo-woo for the average Joe. But self care isn’t all green smoothies and yoga (although I love yoga) it’s relevant to everyone and it’s got a burgeoning place in our society. Let’s look a little more at self care and then I will tell you why.

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That Thing Called Vulnerability

I have been thinking a lot about vulnerability lately. It’s been making rather frequent appearances in my life in both personal circumstances and my business endeavors. If you’re a small business owner, you’ll be surprised at my naivety- that I didn’t expect to feel vulnerable creating Sunflower and Ivy.  I know-Crazy! But it is this unexpected experience of vulnerability, amongst others, that has led me to write this blog post and to hold a magnifying glass to vulnerability itself. Continue reading That Thing Called Vulnerability

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Happiness a Quick 5

So here I am, finding myself writing a quick 5 on happiness. I better start by saying the title is kind of a fib. Happiness is after all complex and at times elusive. I am certainly not going to pretend to be an expert and i would be wary of anyone who says that are. Except maybe the Dalai Lama, you can probably trust his words of wisdom.  While happiness is a journey of your own making, i do have a few tips on ways to gain a bit of the good stuff in the interim at least.

Happiness in part relies on it’s nemesis, sadness. Yep, you know the whole you wouldn’t know happiness without sadness spiel. Our darker moments are usually places of learning or at least useful comparative tools at a later date. So before I continue, I just wanted to be clear that I am not advocating for anyone to strive towards being a little beam of sunshine everyday. This is about easy ways to pick up a bit of sparkle when the dark or monotonous days are weighing too heavily. Some day’s you just have to take what you can. Continue reading Happiness a Quick 5